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Notes from Buduburam

GroundUp executive director Camilla Hermann is living and working on the Buduburam refugee camp from November 14, 2012 - December 18, 2012.

By 8am, when we begin our walk to the SCHEFO Office, the sun is already aggressively hot. Each footfall kicks up fine brown dust that settles on one’s skin, clinging to a mix of perspiration and sunblock. The calls of “Obruni!” ring out as I pass, a way of welcoming foreigners, often followed by the question “how are you?” to which one always responds, “I am fine.” Our walk to the office takes twice as long because Keith stops every few feet to greet members of the community and exchange news. He knows and cares for everyone here, a fact which always becomes apparent when we move through the camp.

In many ways, “Liberia Camp” is a world unto itself, formed in a moment of great tumult and anguish as thousands fled the brutal war in Liberia. Those who live here know every narrow passageway between the earth-block houses and live within the network of their closely-tied community.

As we arrive at the office, three young women are already seated outside waiting for us. Mr. Chea produces a key and opens the door while Ephraim and Keith tote our fan and extension cable inside. There is one plastic table, one wooden desk, and two long, low wooden benches that run along either wall. The SCHEFO team welcomes the young women inside and sets up their laptops in order to take down the womens’ information. They are here because they do not have UN-issued ID cards, and so cannot benefit from the limited repatriation packages offered by the UNHCR.

GroundUp Global has been working with The SCHEF Organization to provide safe repatriation and holisitic reintegration for the Liberians who remain on Buduburam, but wish to return home to Liberia. This is a monumental task, as anyone on the team will tell you. But that is precisely why we are a team. No one person, nor organiaztion could do this alone (The UN, arguably the largest organization in the world, has not been able to account for all the refugees who came in as a result of the Liberian civil wars, though they have done their best.) Ultimately it takes a dedicated collaborative effort, first and foremost from the refugees themselves, and then from nonprofits on the ground (SCHEFO) international nonprofits (GroundUp Global) the Ghanaian Government, the Liberian Government, and the United Nations.

A few weeks ago I sat down with the Liberian Ambassador to Ghana and his Consul General to discuss the necessary steps in facilitating repatriation of former refugees across international borders. It soon became apparent that we shared a vision for how this work should be accomplished, and with the Ambassador’s blessing, the Consul General generously offered her time and support to the cause. Two days later Keith, Mr. Jallah, Ephraim, and I were sitting in a hotel restaurant sharing plantain chips with five other Liberian women the Consul had engaged to be part of a planning committee for a fundraising event to benefit the repatriating refugees.

The date was set for December 15th, and our work began in earnest.


We are thrilled about this amazing opportunity to both showcase the talents of those living on Buduburam and to engage with the Liberian diaspora in helping to repatriate the unregistered refugees who do not have the means to return on their own.

Much more to come!

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